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Tomcat Server Control with Wget and the Tomcat Manager

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Tomcat Server Control with Wget and the Tomcat Manager


* Tomcat

Using wget and the Tomcat manager, you can script remote tomcat deploys, undeploys, starts, stops, and status.

First, make sure the tomcat manager is installed and running. (see: Configuring the Tomcat Manager)


Now, we can get the status of all deployed apps by running the following command:

wget http://:@:/manager/list -O – -q

for example:

wget http://admin:test1234@blojszp1:8080/manager/list -O – -q

shows the status of all applications deployed and running on this particular Tomcat instance:



To undeploy an application, issue the following command:

wget “http://:@:/manager/undeploy?path=/” -O – -q

WARNING!!!!! – the undeploy function will REMOVE the application AND war file from the webapps directory.

For example:

wget “http://admin:test1234@blojszp1:8080/manager/undeploy?path=/testapp” -O – -q
OK – Undeployed application at context path /testapp


An application can be deployed using a similar command:

wget “http://:@:/manager/deploy?path=/&war=file:” -O – -q

Where the “war=file:” is the path to the war file on the server you are deploying it to. This particular method does not ‘push’ a war file to the destination server.

For example: (this should all be on one line, but for formatting reasons, I had to split it up…)

-O – -q
OK – Deployed application at context path /testapp


You can stop a particular application:

wget “http://:@:/manager/stop?path=/” -O – -q

For example:

wget “http://admin:test1234@blojzsp1:8080/manager/stop?path=/testapp” -O – -q
OK – Stopped application at context path /testapp

Notice the application shows as ‘stopped’ when you list the applications:

wget http://admin:test1234@blojszp1:8080/manager/list -O – -q



And to start that application:

wget “http://:@:/manager/start?path=/” -O – -q

For example:

wget “http://admin:test1234@blojzsp1:8080/manager/start?path=/testapp” -O – -q
OK – Started application at context path /testapp

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