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If you are someone who has been experiencing problems with the loading speed of your website and have been noticing a decline in website visitors, then one reason behind that could be the hosting location. Yes, the hosting location of your website plays a crucial role in determining the speed and fluency with which the site functions or operates. When visitors visit your website, they want to quickly browse through information and move from one page to another but if your website is hosted on a foreign location, then this may not be feasible.

If you have an Indian website with Indian audiences then it is advisable to host it in India itself. Not only does this increases the speed but also boosts the ranking of your website. The distance of the server from the location of the audience determines the speed greatly and the shorter the distance, the more the speed. If you are interested in switching your server location or creating a new website with an Indian hosting location, then MilesWeb could prove to be the ideal hosting provider.

The following are some advantages of hosting your website in India with MilesWeb:

SSD Powered Hosting – MilesWeb provides you with SSD powered hosting in India which means that this provider offers you servers which are equipped with SSD drives that do not have any moving parts to decrease the speed. These drives are capable of reading data much faster than regular SATA drives.

LiteSpeed Web Server – Another benefit of hosting your website in India with MilesWeb is that this provider uses LiteSpeed web server. This web server not only ensures faster website loading time but is also a high performance Apache replacement which finds use in all the main control panels. By choosing MilesWeb, you can maximize the uptime of your website.

Free Website Migration – MilesWeb offers you the option of migrating your website in India for absolutely no cost at all. This means that if you currently have your website hosted outside India, you can switch it to an Indian hosting location with MilesWeb for free of cost. All your website data will be transferred securely and super fast.

Excellent Customer Service – MilesWeb also brings to you superb customer service and assistance. When you choose to host your website in India or switch to an Indian hosting location with MilesWeb, the expert customer service agents will guide you on each step and will resolve all your doubts. You can get in touch with the customer service department any time of the day and any day of the week either through phone or email.

Most consumers these days opt for the method of online search or research when finding their desired products or services. But if they encounter a slow loading website, they may form a negative image about your company or brand. To avoid this and offer them with a good experience, you must change the hosting location today.

Contact MilesWeb and make way towards a wonderfully working website for your business.

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