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How to enable FollowSymLinks on the server

Posted by Rishikesh Vispute Categories: cpanel

If your site shows the 404 forbidden error and the server logs shows

Options FollowSymLinks or SymLinksIfOwnerMatch is off which implies that RewriteRule directive is forbidden:

Then you need to enable the Options FollowSymLinks for your account or on the server.

For your account you need to add the following code into .htaccess file

Options +FollowSymLinks +SymLinksIfOwnerMatch

On the server you can enable it by adding the following code into the httpd.conf file and restart the Apache.

<Directory “/”>
Options -ExecCGI FollowSymLinks -Includes -IncludesNOEXEC -Indexes -MultiViews -SymLinksIfOwnerMatch
AllowOverride All

You can also enable FollowSymLinks by using whm.

1) Login to whm

2) Go to Service Configuration>>Apache Configuration>>Global Configuration

3) Enable check box for “FollowSymLinks” and then click on the “save” button

4) then click on the “Rebuid Configuration and Restart Apache”

5) Done

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  1. David says:

    The code didn’t work for me, I tried both .htaccess and httpd.conf, I was trying to direct http to https without transferring www along with the domain, I found if I enabled Option FollowSymLink I could get the right effect in the browser bars with a forbidden page, I tried most of the rewriterule, none really worked.

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