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How to change mail server ip address in PLESK

Posted by Rishikesh Vispute Categories: Email problems, Plesk

How to change mail server ip address in PLESK ?

Ans :

If primary mail server ip address is  blocked in any spam checker sites ( eg BARRACUDA,SORBS-SPAM etc)  then there is only one solution, that is change the mail server ip address on the server.

You can easily change the mail server ip address in cpanel by using /etc/mailips file. The same as in PLESK you can also change the outgoing mail server ip address by using “/var/qmail/control/smtproutes” file.
1) first check the domain name which is hosted on the server by using following file

cat /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts

2) By default the “/var/qmail/control/smtproutes” file  is not present on PLESK server, you need to create it.

vi /var/qmail/control/smtproutes

3) Then add the new ip address in the following format.

4) Save the file and restart qmail

/etc/init.d/qmail restart

Note: Please replace the “” to original ip address and the “” equal the original domain name

6 Responses so far.

  1. dio says:

    Still sending from the old IP…

  2. Samuel says:

    I’ve tried your solution but still not working…
    I’ve created that file and wrote in it:

    When I send mail to gmail rcpt, I got a “failure” message saying that is blacklisted

    Any other suggestion?

  3. Hello,
    What is the problem you face ?

  4. alex says:

    Do not work

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